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Thread: analogWrite to A10, A11

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    analogWrite to A10, A11

    Having a bit of trouble performing analogWrite to A10 or A11 on Teensyduino 3.2.

    The oscilloscope shows no changes when monitoring either of those pins while sending, i.e.
    analogWrite(A10, 256);

    The schematic shows A10, A11 as ADC pins, will it be an issue, or a way to force these pins to analogWrite?

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    The only pin that you can do analogWrite to on a Teensy 3.2 and get an analog result is pin A14 (the DAC pin) on the back of the Teensy 3.2. The pins A10 and A11 are only available as analog input pins.

    Note, you can write to the digital PWM pins with analogWrite, that that is a digital process that sends on/off pulses to simulate an analog current.

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    That makes it clear, thanks Michael!

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