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Thread: Double Insulator Pins 0.1 inch 2.54 mm spacing,

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    Double Insulator Pins 0.1 inch 2.54 mm spacing,

    This page

    confuses me. Title says 5 pins, order button legend says 5 pins, image shows 14 pins, which also makes sense.

    These would work for Teensy LC as well?

    Is there a 24pin version of this for Teensy 3.5/3.6? Not for Audio use, but to put a custom shield on top of a Teensy?

    If not - any 3rd party supplier? Where did you source these for PJRC?


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    Yes, that 14 pin double header would work the same of T_LC as it shares the same footprint for a custom shield.

    I don't see a similar 24 pin version at PJRC - but a pair of 14's should trim down usably.

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    Yeah, the description is bad. It was most likely copied from the 5x1-D headers that we have. I'll work on getting the bad info corrected.
    Despite what the description says, the part number is correct and there are 14 pins on this header. It works with the Teensy-LC and the Teensy 3.2. It also works to connect the Audio Shield and Octo Board to the Teensy 3.5 and Teensy 3.6 boards.

    We don't have a 24-pin version of this.... yet. We're looking looking at some options.

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    Thanks - if you don't expect to to have 24-pin versions anytime soon, the suggestion to cut 14-pin down to 10-pin is a sensible one.

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    Double Insulator Pins 0 1 inch 2 54 mm spacing

    Facebook post confirms double plat, my question is are we getting anything else with this or just double plat?

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