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Thread: processor usage

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    processor usage

    Hi Forum,

    I have a question regarding the AudioProcessorUsage() function. Is this measuring the cpu usage of the Teensy or the cpu usage (if applicable) of the audioshield?

    Greetz, Koen

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    Teensy... the audio shield is just doing the conversion and analog duties.

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    It's the CPU usage on Teensy.

    Graphically speaking, AudioProcessorUsage() measures this:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It captures all the CPU time spend doing non-I/O work like reverb, waveform synth, and effects processing. It also captures part of the work involved for receiving and sending digital audio data to/from the audio shield, but measuring the portion done in the higher priority interrupts is imperfect.

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    Thanks, that is clear. Anything on the Teensy between input and output in the audio library objects.

    Thank you

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