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Thread: WaveformMod Documentation

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    WaveformMod Documentation

    I've been experimenting with AudioSynthWaveformModulated but the documentation is a bit confusing. I would expect it to work similarly to AudioSynthWaveformSineModulated, with just one input for the modulation signal. But the WaveformMod has two inputs, one for frequency/phase and another for shape, as well as additional settings depending on what mode you are using. If I simply use the first input I get the regular frequency modulation I expect -- however I'm not sure what is happening with the other modes/inputs/settings. Is there any additional documentation for this object?

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    The 2nd input only has an effect if you're using the pulse or variable triangle waveforms. For the other 7 waveform types it does nothing.

    No, there's no other documentation, other than the source code.

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