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Thread: Pin to port mapping reference for Teensy 3.6?

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    Pin to port mapping reference for Teensy 3.6?

    Hi, I'm looking for a pin to port mapping reference for the Teensy 3.6. Like, say I use this code:

    PORTA = 0x80;

    Which pins on the Teensy correlate to which bits on what the CPU considers to be port A?

    I need to wire up a 512 KB parallel SRAM chip to gain access to more memory, and access must be very fast. Ideal code would be something like:

    void writeSRAM(uint32_t address, uint8_t value) {
        PORTA = (uint8_t)address;
        PORTB = (uint8_t)(address >> 8);
        PORTC = (uint8_t)(address >> 16);
        PORTD = value;
    Where ports A, B, C connect to the address lines of the SRAM and port D connects to the data lines.


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    This thread has the info you seek.

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    Thank you! So, unless I'm reading wrong, none of the GPIO ports have all of their pins broken out on the board?

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