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Thread: audio design tool

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    audio design tool

    Is there a way of saving synth designs created in audio tool.
    I've found that with complex projects if I copy and paste from a program into the web based design tool not all connections are copied over. Sometimes I lose as much as 80% of connection 'wires'. This makes life extremely difficult if I'm wanting to work on several designs at once, because I have no confidence in my ability to switch between projects without losing half my design. I've had to resort to screen shots of the design before starting a new one so that I can at least rebuild my designs from the screenshot - which is very tedious and time consuming.

    Surely there must be a way to save designs from the design tool itself, instead of relying on pasting from the Arduino editor?

    BTW I'm on Mac osx not Windows.

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    Here is an example of what I mean, I've got to rewire the entire circuit - with this only being part of it, because I spent a bit of time on another project.
    This is directly after pasting code into the import dialogue on the design tool.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 18.10.45.png 
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    Quote Originally Posted by grahamguitarman View Post
    Surely there must be a way to save designs from the design tool itself, instead of relying on pasting from the Arduino editor?
    Actually, that is the only way.

    Quote Originally Posted by grahamguitarman View Post
    Here is an example of what I mean, I've got to rewire the entire circuit - with this only being part of it, because I spent a bit of time on another project.
    This is directly after pasting code into the import dialogue on the design tool.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 18.10.45.png 
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ID:	14247
    Maybe there's a bug in the design tool?

    Can you give me a full screenshot (or multiple screenshots as tiles if bigger than the forum's 1280 pixel limit) and the exported text? Presumably the text has everything you did in the design tool, right? If it's not importing, the exact text and a screenshot of what it should look like after importing will give me a way to start testing for whatever's wrong.

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    Also need to know which browser (and version). I do have a Mac here for testing, if it turns out the problem is Mac specific.

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    apologies, I've been away for a while, so not had a chance to upload all of this.
    As an experiment I tried pasting the export code directly from the export dialogue in the design tool into the notes app.
    Then pasting from notes back into the import dialogue in the Audio design tool - but even bypassing the arduino editor like this, the results were exactly the same.
    I seem to get this happening with any large project i build in the audio editor - not just this particular project.

    This is a screen shot of the full audio circuit:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 12.36.34.jpg 
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    And the same circuit after pasting back into the audio edit tool:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 12.42.56.jpg 
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    This is the warning box i get when pasting into the audio design tool:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 12.42.03.png 
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    And this is the exported code:

    #include <Audio.h>
    #include <Wire.h>
    #include <SPI.h>
    #include <SD.h>
    #include <SerialFlash.h>

    // GUItool: begin automatically generated code
    AudioAmplifier amp2; //xy=98,671
    AudioAmplifier amp1; //xy=102.71427917480469,577.142822265625
    AudioAmplifier amp3; //xy=102,777
    AudioMixer4 mixer28; //xy=105,476
    AudioSynthWaveformDc dc1; //xy=237,133
    AudioSynthWaveform waveform1; //xy=368,23
    AudioSynthWaveform waveform2; //xy=370,68
    AudioSynthWaveform waveform4; //xy=371,298
    AudioSynthWaveform waveform3; //xy=372,252
    AudioSynthWaveformModulated waveformMod6; //xy=376,943
    AudioSynthWaveformModulated waveformMod1; //xy=382,394
    AudioSynthWaveformModulated waveformMod5; //xy=380,897
    AudioSynthWaveformModulated waveformMod2; //xy=386,439
    AudioSynthWaveformModulated waveformMod3; //xy=388,646
    AudioSynthWaveformModulated waveformMod4; //xy=391,697
    AudioSynthNoiseWhite noise3; //xy=406,1053
    AudioSynthNoiseWhite noise1; //xy=413,532
    AudioSynthNoiseWhite noise2; //xy=419,795
    AudioSynthWaveformModulated waveformMod13; //xy=450,997
    AudioSynthWaveformModulated waveformMod12; //xy=522,742
    AudioMixer4 mixer21; //xy=527,294
    AudioEffectEnvelope envelope5; //xy=537.0000076293945,214.50000190734863
    AudioEffectEnvelope envelope4; //xy=539.5000076293945,135.00000190734863
    AudioEffectEnvelope envelope6; //xy=540.5000076293945,173.25000286102295
    AudioMixer4 mixer20; //xy=542,78
    AudioEffectWaveshaper waveshape6; //xy=542,945
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter10; //xy=544,1061
    AudioSynthWaveformModulated waveformMod11; //xy=547,486
    AudioEffectWaveshaper waveshape5; //xy=547,896
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter8; //xy=554,538
    AudioEffectWaveshaper waveshape1; //xy=561,395
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter9; //xy=561,802
    AudioEffectWaveshaper waveshape2; //xy=567,441
    AudioEffectWaveshaper waveshape3; //xy=570,648
    AudioEffectWaveshaper waveshape4; //xy=573,697
    AudioEffectMultiply multiply2; //xy=680,257
    AudioEffectMultiply multiply1; //xy=686,31
    AudioMixer4 mixer2; //xy=840.7500114440918,733.7500114440918
    AudioMixer4 mixer3; //xy=859.2500114440918,1024.000015258789
    AudioMixer4 mixer15; //xy=879,421
    AudioMixer4 mixer10; //xy=880,357
    AudioMixer4 mixer17; //xy=880,650
    AudioMixer4 mixer16; //xy=881,585
    AudioMixer4 mixer19; //xy=880,892
    AudioMixer4 mixer18; //xy=882,825
    AudioOutputAnalogStereo dacs1; //xy=918,67
    AudioMixer4 mixer1; //xy=921.7500114440918,258.75000762939453
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter4; //xy=1046,656
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter3; //xy=1052,586
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter6; //xy=1053,855
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter5; //xy=1054,796
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter2; //xy=1058,475
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter1; //xy=1059,417
    AudioMixer4 mixer12; //xy=1269,591
    AudioMixer4 mixer11; //xy=1273,490
    AudioMixer4 mixer13; //xy=1274,690
    AudioEffectEnvelope envelope7; //xy=1288,134
    AudioEffectEnvelope envelope8; //xy=1293,179
    AudioEffectEnvelope envelope9; //xy=1294,224
    AudioMixer4 mixer22; //xy=1411.7500190734863,432.5000057220459
    AudioAnalyzeRMS rms1; //xy=1435,135
    AudioAnalyzeRMS rms3; //xy=1440,224
    AudioMixer4 mixer24; //xy=1438.2500228881836,715.2500114440918
    AudioAnalyzeRMS rms2; //xy=1441,180
    AudioMixer4 mixer23; //xy=1440.0000228881836,557.5000076293945
    AudioAmplifier amp4; //xy=1534,418
    AudioAmplifier amp6; //xy=1578,718
    AudioAmplifier amp5; //xy=1584,555
    AudioMixer4 mixer27; //xy=1685,849
    AudioMixer4 mixer25; //xy=1708,333.75
    AudioMixer4 mixer14; //xy=1803,593
    AudioMixer4 mixer32; //xy=1896,771
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter11; //xy=1943,526
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter7; //xy=1950,586
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter12; //xy=2014,1019
    AudioEffectGranular granular1; //xy=2082,773
    AudioMixer4 mixer9; //xy=2095,397
    AudioMixer4 mixer8; //xy=2108,567
    AudioEffectDelay delay2; //xy=2160,1005
    AudioEffectDelay delay1; //xy=2254,548
    AudioEffectEnvelope envelope10; //xy=2269,764
    AudioMixer4 mixer29; //xy=2280,1218
    AudioMixer4 mixer30; //xy=2328,954
    AudioMixer4 mixer31; //xy=2336,1059
    AudioMixer4 mixer5; //xy=2419,591
    AudioMixer4 mixer4; //xy=2424,504
    AudioMixer4 mixer33; //xy=2523,911
    AudioMixer4 mixer34; //xy=2526,1009
    AudioMixer4 mixer6; //xy=2577,249
    AudioMixer4 mixer7; //xy=2627,820
    AudioOutputI2S i2s2; //xy=2670,555
    AudioConnection patchCord1(amp2, 0, waveformMod12, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord2(amp1, 0, waveformMod11, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord3(amp3, 0, waveformMod13, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord4(mixer28, 0, waveformMod1, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord5(mixer28, 0, waveformMod2, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord6(mixer28, 0, waveformMod3, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord7(mixer28, 0, waveformMod4, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord8(mixer28, 0, waveformMod5, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord9(mixer28, 0, waveformMod6, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord10(mixer28, 0, waveformMod13, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord11(mixer28, 0, waveformMod12, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord12(mixer28, 0, waveformMod11, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord13(dc1, envelope4);
    AudioConnection patchCord14(dc1, envelope5);
    AudioConnection patchCord15(dc1, envelope6);
    AudioConnection patchCord16(dc1, envelope7);
    AudioConnection patchCord17(dc1, envelope8);
    AudioConnection patchCord18(dc1, envelope9);
    AudioConnection patchCord19(dc1, 0, mixer20, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord20(dc1, 0, mixer21, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord21(dc1, amp1);
    AudioConnection patchCord22(dc1, amp2);
    AudioConnection patchCord23(dc1, amp3);
    AudioConnection patchCord24(waveform1, 0, multiply1, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord25(waveform2, 0, mixer20, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord26(waveform4, 0, mixer21, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord27(waveform3, 0, multiply2, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord28(waveformMod6, waveshape6);
    AudioConnection patchCord29(waveformMod1, waveshape1);
    AudioConnection patchCord30(waveformMod5, waveshape5);
    AudioConnection patchCord31(waveformMod2, waveshape2);
    AudioConnection patchCord32(waveformMod3, waveshape3);
    AudioConnection patchCord33(waveformMod4, waveshape4);
    AudioConnection patchCord34(noise3, 0, filter10, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord35(noise1, 0, filter8, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord36(noise2, 0, filter9, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord37(waveformMod13, 0, mixer3, 2);
    AudioConnection patchCord38(waveformMod12, 0, mixer2, 2);
    AudioConnection patchCord39(mixer21, 0, multiply2, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord40(envelope5, 0, mixer16, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord41(envelope5, 0, mixer17, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord42(envelope4, 0, mixer10, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord43(envelope4, 0, mixer15, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord44(envelope6, 0, mixer18, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord45(envelope6, 0, mixer19, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord46(mixer20, 0, multiply1, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord47(waveshape6, 0, mixer3, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord48(filter10, 1, mixer3, 3);
    AudioConnection patchCord49(waveformMod11, 0, mixer1, 2);
    AudioConnection patchCord50(waveshape5, 0, mixer3, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord51(filter8, 1, mixer1, 3);
    AudioConnection patchCord52(waveshape1, 0, mixer1, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord53(filter9, 1, mixer2, 3);
    AudioConnection patchCord54(waveshape2, 0, mixer1, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord55(waveshape3, 0, mixer2, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord56(waveshape4, 0, mixer2, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord57(multiply2, 0, mixer15, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord58(multiply2, 0, mixer17, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord59(multiply2, 0, mixer19, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord60(multiply2, 0, dacs1, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord61(multiply2, 0, mixer28, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord62(multiply1, 0, mixer10, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord63(multiply1, 0, mixer16, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord64(multiply1, 0, mixer18, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord65(multiply1, 0, dacs1, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord66(multiply1, 0, mixer28, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord67(mixer2, 0, filter3, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord68(mixer2, 0, filter4, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord69(mixer2, 0, mixer23, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord70(mixer2, 0, mixer25, 3);
    AudioConnection patchCord71(mixer2, 0, mixer27, 3);
    AudioConnection patchCord72(mixer3, 0, filter5, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord73(mixer3, 0, filter6, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord74(mixer3, 0, mixer24, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord75(mixer3, 0, mixer27, 2);
    AudioConnection patchCord76(mixer15, 0, filter2, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord77(mixer10, 0, filter1, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord78(mixer17, 0, filter4, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord79(mixer16, 0, filter3, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord80(mixer19, 0, filter6, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord81(mixer18, 0, filter5, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord82(mixer1, 0, filter1, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord83(mixer1, 0, filter2, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord84(mixer1, 0, mixer22, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord85(mixer1, 0, mixer25, 2);
    AudioConnection patchCord86(filter4, 0, mixer12, 2);
    AudioConnection patchCord87(filter4, 1, mixer23, 3);
    AudioConnection patchCord88(filter4, 2, mixer12, 3);
    AudioConnection patchCord89(filter3, 0, mixer12, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord90(filter3, 1, mixer23, 2);
    AudioConnection patchCord91(filter3, 2, mixer12, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord92(filter6, 0, mixer13, 2);
    AudioConnection patchCord93(filter6, 1, mixer24, 3);
    AudioConnection patchCord94(filter6, 2, mixer13, 3);
    AudioConnection patchCord95(filter5, 0, mixer13, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord96(filter5, 1, mixer24, 2);
    AudioConnection patchCord97(filter5, 2, mixer13, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord98(filter2, 0, mixer11, 2);
    AudioConnection patchCord99(filter2, 1, mixer22, 3);
    AudioConnection patchCord100(filter2, 2, mixer11, 3);
    AudioConnection patchCord101(filter1, 0, mixer11, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord102(filter1, 1, mixer22, 2);
    AudioConnection patchCord103(filter1, 2, mixer11, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord104(mixer12, 0, mixer23, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord105(mixer11, 0, mixer22, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord106(mixer13, 0, mixer24, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord107(envelope7, rms1);
    AudioConnection patchCord108(envelope8, rms2);
    AudioConnection patchCord109(envelope9, rms3);
    AudioConnection patchCord110(mixer22, amp4);
    AudioConnection patchCord111(mixer24, amp6);
    AudioConnection patchCord112(mixer23, amp5);
    AudioConnection patchCord113(amp4, 0, mixer25, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord114(amp6, 0, mixer27, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord115(amp5, 0, mixer27, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord116(amp5, 0, mixer25, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord117(mixer27, 0, mixer14, 2);
    AudioConnection patchCord118(mixer27, 0, mixer7, 2);
    AudioConnection patchCord119(mixer27, 0, mixer6, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord120(mixer25, 0, mixer14, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord121(mixer25, 0, mixer6, 2);
    AudioConnection patchCord122(mixer25, 0, mixer7, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord123(mixer14, 0, filter7, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord124(mixer14, 0, mixer32, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord125(mixer14, 0, mixer29, 3);
    AudioConnection patchCord126(mixer32, granular1);
    AudioConnection patchCord127(filter11, 0, mixer8, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord128(filter7, 0, mixer8, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord129(filter12, 0, delay2, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord130(granular1, envelope10);
    AudioConnection patchCord131(mixer9, 0, filter11, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord132(mixer8, delay1);
    AudioConnection patchCord133(delay2, 0, mixer30, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord134(delay2, 1, mixer30, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord135(delay2, 2, mixer30, 2);
    AudioConnection patchCord136(delay2, 3, mixer30, 3);
    AudioConnection patchCord137(delay2, 4, mixer31, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord138(delay2, 5, mixer31, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord139(delay2, 6, mixer31, 2);
    AudioConnection patchCord140(delay2, 7, mixer31, 3);
    AudioConnection patchCord141(delay1, 0, mixer4, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord142(delay1, 0, mixer9, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord143(delay1, 1, mixer4, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord144(delay1, 1, mixer9, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord145(delay1, 2, mixer4, 2);
    AudioConnection patchCord146(delay1, 2, mixer9, 2);
    AudioConnection patchCord147(delay1, 3, mixer4, 3);
    AudioConnection patchCord148(delay1, 3, mixer9, 3);
    AudioConnection patchCord149(delay1, 4, mixer5, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord150(delay1, 5, mixer5, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord151(delay1, 6, mixer5, 2);
    AudioConnection patchCord152(delay1, 7, mixer5, 3);
    AudioConnection patchCord153(envelope10, 0, mixer29, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord154(envelope10, 0, mixer34, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord155(envelope10, 0, mixer33, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord156(mixer29, 0, filter12, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord157(mixer30, 0, mixer32, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord158(mixer30, 0, mixer29, 2);
    AudioConnection patchCord159(mixer30, 0, mixer8, 2);
    AudioConnection patchCord160(mixer30, 0, mixer33, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord161(mixer31, 0, mixer29, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord162(mixer31, 0, mixer32, 2);
    AudioConnection patchCord163(mixer31, 0, mixer8, 3);
    AudioConnection patchCord164(mixer31, 0, mixer34, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord165(mixer5, 0, mixer7, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord166(mixer4, 0, mixer6, 1);
    AudioConnection patchCord167(mixer33, 0, mixer6, 3);
    AudioConnection patchCord168(mixer34, 0, mixer7, 3);
    AudioConnection patchCord169(mixer6, 0, i2s2, 0);
    AudioConnection patchCord170(mixer7, 0, i2s2, 1);
    AudioControlSGTL5000 sgtl5000_1; //xy=2686,500
    // GUItool: end automatically generated code

    Edited to add:
    This only happens when pasting code back into the audio design tool, there is no problem when pasting into Arduino code
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