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Thread: [queued] USB DAQ with the Teensy

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    @notthetup Yes, it was the mccdaq and the labjacks, that led me to feel the need to do this. This is better than any of those, for a few reasons.

    Here are a few of the specs that I was particular about:

    • It's a much better quality, lower noise analog interface compared to any of the modestly priced USB DAQ's
    • The inputs have a reasonable impedance (not like the labjack)
    • It plays well with python in linux and windows
    • It has smooth ramps and waveforms for the DAC
    • The DAC output can drive 40 mA.
    • You can program the internals to give it what every functionality you want.

    There are some accessories also, a precision high gain current amplifier (10^8), expansion boards to add more precision input channels, and a voltage driven power supply that can be used to drive waveforms at 1A. I use this for characterizing OLEDs and doing charge modulation studies.

    I have started to look into having a small run made. It could be around $350/board if five people want to pitch in.
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