Simple question. Is the reset pin an active low signal?

Does it behave as a simple reset, meaning rebooting the processor the same as at power on?

I have an external watchdog & power supervisory chip (ADM8321WAX30) that I plan to use. My project has several high power solenoids that I have to be absolutely sure don't get 'stuck' on or they'd melt/catch fire.

So, since I need something external to the processor to kill those drivers, I might as well have it reset the processor too.

If it's just a typical active low reset, I can throw a pullup resistor on the open drain output of the watchdog and connect it up.

The other question would be, can it be held in reset until the 3.3V comes up? I'd assume yes ... but better to ask! I've read some other threads were some say you can put a cap on reset to ground, which would work if reset has an internal pullup. But then another thread said the Teensy wouldn't boot when they had an external pull up to 3.3V and cap to ground so....