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Thread: Compliance issue

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    Compliance issue


    My company currently purchases Teensy 3.2. I have recently been added to a team with a task to obtain RoHS and Reach compliance certificates as we will be starting to ship some of our machines to Europe, and one of our customers is requesting proof that all of our products are using components/ materials that meet both RoHS and Reach standards and are compliant. Who should I go to in order to obtain this information. Please advise.

    Thank you.

    Len Allen
    Opex Corporation

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    I do not speak for PJRC, my employer, or the Klingon Empire.

    There is no such official animal as a RoHS or REACH 'compliance certificate'. No requirement unless the equipment is within scope of a marking directive.

    Typically, most electrical stuff will require a 'CE' mark to indicate conformity to at least the RoHS directive. Other marking directives that can be effective for electrical stuff are LVD, GPS, EMC, and RED. But am certain that you know this as an import authority.

    The customer has no legal basis for any "proof" other than your Declaration of Conformity. It appears you have no experience with compliance engineering, so if mains-connected project, you need to find someone legit; otherwise see ISO17050-x if you have no experience writing a D of C. The Declaration must provide the basis for a presumption of product conformity. And then your are 90% done. (Hah!)

    Import authorities may look at your D of C. And they may have further questions. But as you already know this stuff, and were hired on as a compliance expert, you would be ready with a properly scoped TCF.

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    have to asked the same question as well

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