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Thread: only 1 strip of 8 work

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    only 1 strip of 8 work

    I've loaded the basic test program into teensy3.2. I have 8 strips of ws2812 of 16 pixels each.
    only strip 5 seems to be working.
    I've moved the cat5 wire pair to a different strip and it works fine.
    Also, replaced the octows2811 with another one with the same results.
    any ideas as to why only 1 of 8 strips work?
    TIA Mike
    --- code ----
    #include <OctoWS2811.h>
    const int ledsPerStrip = 16;
    DMAMEM int displayMemory[ledsPerStrip*6];
    int drawingMemory[ledsPerStrip*6];
    const int config = WS2811_GRB | WS2811_800kHz;
    OctoWS2811 leds(ledsPerStrip, displayMemory, drawingMemory, config);
    const int LEDPIN = 13;
    byte bLoop = 0;
    void setup() 
      //flash ledpin 3 times on setup
      pinMode(LEDPIN, OUTPUT);
      for(bLoop = 0; bLoop < 3; bLoop++)
        digitalWrite(LEDPIN, HIGH);
        digitalWrite(LEDPIN, LOW);
      Serial.println("Starting leds");
    #define RED    0xFF0000
    #define GREEN  0x00FF00
    #define BLUE   0x0000FF
    #define YELLOW 0xFFFF00
    #define PINK   0xFF1088
    #define ORANGE 0xE05800
    #define WHITE  0xFFFFFF
    // Less intense...
    #define RED    0x160000
    #define GREEN  0x001600
    #define BLUE   0x000016
    #define YELLOW 0x101400
    #define PINK   0x120009
    #define ORANGE 0x100400
    #define WHITE  0x101010
    void loop() {
      int microsec = 2000000 / leds.numPixels();  // change them all in 2 seconds
      // uncomment for voltage controlled speed
      // millisec = analogRead(A9) / 40;
      colorWipe(RED, microsec);
      colorWipe(GREEN, microsec);
      colorWipe(BLUE, microsec);
      colorWipe(YELLOW, microsec);
      colorWipe(PINK, microsec);
      colorWipe(ORANGE, microsec);
      colorWipe(WHITE, microsec);
    void colorWipe(int color, int wait)
      for (int i=0; i < leds.numPixels(); i++) {
        leds.setPixel(i, color);;
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    Found the problem. Always check your rj45 wiring. mine was not correct the data and grounds were switched.
    All is working n

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