Hi all,

I just wanted to start a thread for rolling commentary and feedback as we work on developing v2.x.x of RAPTRS. RAPTRS is my startup's flight software focused on data quality, scalability, low-latency, and determinism. It's designed to run on a network of Flight Management Units (FMU) and sensor and actuator nodes (Node). This network allows the flight system to scale depending on the aircraft and research needs for sensing and actuation. The FMU and Nodes are Teensy 3.6's and a BeagleBone Black is available for running research and higher level software.

The repository for RAPTRS is located here:

I also have a RAPTRS landing page and will be posting some technical articles and writing users and developers manuals.

I welcome anyone to contribute code and ideas to the project. Also feel free to ask any questions that you might have.