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Thread: [Posted] TeensyCEC: The teensy 3.6 Console Emulators Collection

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    [Posted] TeensyCEC: The teensy 3.6 Console Emulators Collection

    A new project featuring few emulators running full speed on the teensy 3.6 with ILI9341 and VGA display
    - Atari2600, Colecovision and Odyssey currently supported
    - NES is on its way

    Visit the project at:

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    now added the support for Nintendo NES 32k games in teensynes

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    ZX spectrum core added

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    no N64? :P when I saw CEC I thought this was for HDMI control hehe

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    No, sorry for the confusion indeed...

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    for the one interested in ZX spectrum emulation, I now added support for a custom I2C keyboard with 40 keys

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    Thanks Robin, that's cool to be on the main page...!

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    I moved the NES emulator to the NoFrendo emulator core.
    It is running full speed with sound!
    At least it is possible to run 48k games on the TFT now. Unfortunately I miss some memory for the VGA output so only 32k games there...

    Code in teensynofrendo sub-directory
    Have fun...

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    This will be very great with the T4.. someone has to port the VGA-Code to the T4
    It's mentioned here already:

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