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Thread: Pixel matrix 8 x 180 zig-zag

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    Pixel matrix 8 x 180 zig-zag

    Hello forum... :-)
    I'm building a matrix of 8 x 180 pixel leds. Each row is a 90 + 90 pixel string.
    Total number of pixels will be 1440.

    I'll be running a teensy 3.2 with octows1811.
    Power distribution is already done and working to support the 86.4 amps needed to drive this thing.

    Attached is a basic layout of the matrix.

    I thought I could use a pre-designed controller but after working with it I've not been able to get the matrix to work. The controller was attached via network E1.31 using xlights. At my intelligence level and the supporting xlights manual its not apparent on how to get it to work.

    So I would like to just program the Teensy with my matrix text and have it scroll through the led display.

    I've been running the PlasmaAnimation example on a small matrix defined as the 8 x 180 pixels and its really fast.

    anyway, if anyone would like to comment or point out a direction for a 'Stand Alone' solution without using jinx, gledator, or xlights I would certainly appreciate it.
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    Number of hammers for this, but fastled driving Octo may help in supporting graphics functions. Have not used it but a search found this that claims to provide the functions you are trying for.

    Certainly if you just want scroll text a Teensy should be able to run things stand alone, though it may not support the full colour depth if you end up with bitmapped characters in RAM.

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    for scrolling text using octows2811 as the lib, you can find some example code for a 'stand alone' build option at the link below:
    It hasn't been used in a while and may cause some errors to be thrown, but the concept of how to move the text along the leds is set out, as well as applying different colours to the text.
    the method would be to use an array.

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