Hello everyone,

I have just discovered teensy recently and I would like you to help me to know if it can accomplish what I would like to make.

My project is to simulate a mouse (also keyboard) and send input controls from another computer ; typically move to x,y.
The interest here is having everything run outside, the first computer would just know about the existence of a «*generic mouse*».

I indeed found the code to make it from the same computer the teensy is connected to, using serial connection through usb if I ve understood correctly, but is there a way to send my commands through another port I would connect my second computer to? I found out the teensy 3.6 could handle 2 USB ports but it is not really clear. Would I have to solder one by myself ? Or is there any other solution?

Also, I need it to be reactive (like <1-2ms) ; will teensy satisfy this condition? I have kind of read that going for Arduino to simulate mouse was pretty slow, like every actions/events were taking 1s to be accomplished. Does someone have experience with this kind of problem ?

Thanks for your advices :-)