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Thread: Arduino CLI And IDE now Released - Teensy Supported!

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    It is intentional. The IDE would be significantly less beginner friendly if they had to execute two separate processes in sequence in order to accomplish an upload.

    The core and library compilations are cached, so you will find that subsequent compilations are quite fast due to only the sketch code having to be compiled.

    If you prefer a separation of the two operations, I recommend using Arduino CLI. arduino-cli upload uploads the binary produced by a previous arduino-cli compile command. In cases where the "compile and upload" behavior like the Arduino IDE is wanted, an --upload flag can be added to the compile command

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marathonman View Post
    I realized that when the Verify/Compile radio is hit it compiles then when I hit upload the crazy thing compiles again so all I do is hit upload because it compiles anyways. Is this suppose to happen or a bug or intentional???
    That is 'typical' behavior. Verify does all without upload to test building. Then hitting Upload does the build again before upload - even if nothing was changed.

    However, if the Verify completes properly it does notify Teensy Loader of the build result and pressing the Teensy Button will then immediately Upload that resulting HEX file if no changes justify building again - and the Button is easy to reach.

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    Thank you both so much!

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    Hi PaulStoffregen. I finally found the time to look at this:
    Quote Originally Posted by PaulStoffregen View Post
    #2: Boards Manager tries to install even if required tools are missing for the user's operating system. 1.58.0-beta1 and 1.58.0-beta2 were created only for Linux x86-64 and Windows, because we're testing a new toolchain.
    What do you mean by "tries to install"? I did an experiment with a package index that provided a platform with tool dependencies not available for the host architecture and the platform installation always failed with the expected error with this format:

    Error: 13 INTERNAL: Error downloading tool ___: no versions available for the current OS
    Is that the behavior you observed, or did you see something different?

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    I expect the Arduino IDE to be so much smarter than this!

    An error message like "Error: 13 INTERNAL: Error downloading tool" is correct on a technical level. But from a usability and UI design perspective, allowing known-futile download to be attempted at all (from the GUI), and especially as the default setting, falls far short of the novice-friendly user experience the Arduino IDE should provide.

    If the package index is missing a required tool for the host architecture & operating system, the IDE should not provide any clickable GUI controls to attempt a known-futile installation. At most, perhaps the package version drop-down list could show the impossible-to-install version disabled (grayed out) and maybe if the mouse hovers over it for a few seconds a tooltip might appear explaining why it it's clickable. Or the Boards Manager drop-down list for installable versions could just omit showing anything it knows can't be installed on the user's host architecture & operating system. Or maybe a UI designer might have other ideas of how this scenario could be best presented to users by the GUI...

    Allowing users to initiate (from the GUI) a download & install which is doomed to failure is behavior I would consider an issue in need of improvement.

    Even more importantly, the IDE should definitely not pester the user with notifications that a newer version can be installed, when the JSON package index can be understood that it can't actually be installed on the user's machine.

    The IDE should also be much smarter about how beta versions of packages are offered to users running stable IDE releases. The Boards Manager of a stable IDE should never initialize its GUI to default to installing a beta version of any package. If the package index has beta versions and the IDE is a stable version, the drop-down list should be initialized so the default to install is the most recent stable version. If the user wants to try a beta version, they can click the drop-down list and choose it.

    Releasing any major software like IDE 2.0.0 is a major achievement. I believe everyone understands the first release of any new software is going to have less-than-perfect UI that gradually gets refined over time. Hopefully the IDE 2 Boards Manager and new version notifications will improve in future versions.

    Maybe this should be several separate issues on github?
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    @Paul @PerT - I also agree that there are still a few warts, but it is getting better!

    For example, yesterday's daily build has fix in it that the Serial Monitor now shows the full last line

    Also was wondering about other builds. Like I know I installed the IDE2 on RPI 4...
    Arduino has not released any, but you could get them from:
    Looks like it is getting closer to having a release, maybe?

    EDIT: I meant to mention, I think the state of running Nightly builds versus Released builds is still
    different than running Released Boards versus Beta releases.
    That is I run both on both.
    I like the idea of for example Teensy boards, having the option of installing from Released channel versus beta channel
    And I do want to see the new beta releases, that is how else would I know they are released?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulStoffregen View Post
    allowing known-futile download to be attempted at all
    Thanks for the clarification. I have submitted an issue report:

    Note that even though you are focused on the IDE behavior, the initial work must be done in Arduino CLI. Arduino IDE 2.x doesn't know anything about platform tool dependencies, nor which host architectures they are available for. It only knows the list of installed and available platform versions provided by Arduino CLI.

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulStoffregen View Post
    The IDE should also be much smarter about how beta versions of packages are offered to users running stable IDE releases.
    Yes, I saw your previous post about this and replied to it a week ago (post #346). Please check the proposal I mentioned there and provide your feedback.

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