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Thread: [queued] ROM reader with teensy 3.5

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    [queued] ROM reader with teensy 3.5

    Hi guys,

    I have built a reader for old ROMs and uploaded the code here:

    The teensy 3.5 was used because its inputs are 5V tolerant. For the outputs, the 3.3V are also compatible with the TTL logic, since 2.4V is accepted as high.

    Here are some pictures:

    The "wire wrap"-technique was used because I love it.

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    Wow... impressive.I like such retro projects very much!
    And a lot of work to do by hand!

    Nowadays the Chinese are so cheap and fast (and that with top quality) that I don't do that to myself anymore. Usually the circuit board is already shipped the next day.
    Besides, you usually get 10 boards, which I often give away

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    Yes, I have also made like 20-30 different pcb's, but I really like wire wrapping, and I wanted to have it faster than chinese
    Also I still have stuff to add to that project, so the pcb will still change a bit. Maybe I'll make a real pcb later

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