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Thread: Powering teensy LC

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    Powering teensy LC

    Apologies in advance as I suspect this a silly question.

    I'm currently building an emulator console into an old Game Gear using a Pi Zero W. My plan is to use a Teensy LC to manage the controls. I'm a complete noob so I'm not clear on how to connect the Teensy to the Pi. Does it have to be via the Micro USB port? I'm hoping to avoid this as the Pi Zero only has one USB port and I plan to use this for a USB soundcard so I can hook up the original Game Gear soundboard (tested successfully on a Pi 2). I can get a 5v supply from the original (re-capped) Game Gear power supply but then there would be no way of getting a signal from the Teensy to the Pi...

    Any ideas?

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    They do make various USB hubs that sit on top of the Pi Zero W that give you more USB ports. Here is one such hub:

    Note, the hub includes a small ferrite ring that you will need to glue to the board to prevent the wifi signals from interfering with the USB hub.

    You can also get a plug in hub to extend the USB:

    Beyond that there are other ways for the Pi and LC to communicate, but that will take more programming and connecting various pins. It depends on how much you want to learn to get these other methods to work. We can probably offer suggestions if you want to go down this path, but using USB is probably the simplest.

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