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Thread: 4 Channel Input/Output

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    4 Channel Input/Output


    I build a bluetooth speaker where a Teensy with Audio-Board is actually used to transceive messages from a bluetooth module and mute depeneding on received message the audio output and/or input. Because the Audio-Input is a Wondom Bluetooth Module with 4V Outputs I have clipping problems (3.3 V max).

    I like to change two aspects of the project:
    - get more inputs (at least 4 maybe 6): This is possible by using a second audio board (4 channels ) or the TDM made by Paul (for 6 channels)
    - handle the 4V output of the BT module: Can the TDM handle more than 3.3V signals? Or any other ideas how to solve the problem?

    More questions:
    - can i get a soldered TDM or do i have to do that on my own?
    - can teensy 3.5/3.6 run TDM/two audio boards and still drive an oled display in order two show operating infos like volume, mixers, etc.

    Kind regards

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    The audio voltage problem might be solved with a simple resistive voltage divider.

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