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Thread: Teensy Backpacks

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjs513 View Post
    A while ago you asked me if had any ideas for mounting a t3.6 to the backpack. One possibility is just to lengthen the backpack to fit the T3.6 and extend the headers so that you can get access to the additional pins. It could also give you the ability to make additional backpacks using the other pins as well.

    Hi Mike, do you mean as a separate product line (i.e. a line of backpacks designed for Teensy 3.0/1/2 and Teensy LC and then a separate product line for Teensy 3.5/6)?


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    do you mean as a separate product line
    Just a redesigned backpack. Just make the current backpack longer to fit the T3.5/6 and extend the headers to match the T3.5/3.6 mounting backpack. If i get some time i can probably sketch it up for you.


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