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Thread: Teensy Loader high CPU usage

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    Teensy Loader high CPU usage


    I noticed that the Teensy Loader application (the one that opens when you press 'verify' or 'upload') uses quite a lot of CPU, even when not in use.
    Please see attached image for annotated system monitor screenshot.
    As soon as I close the Teensy Loader, CPU usage goes back to normal (all cores < 10% usage).
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TeensyCPU-Start-crop.png 
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    I tried both TD 1.42 and 1.43 in combination with Arduino IDE 1.8.5 on Ubuntu 16.04 on a 2017 Dell XPS 15 (9560) with an Intel i7-7700HQ.

    It's not a big deal, but it does cause my fans to turn on all of the time when I have the Teensy Loader open, which is quite annoying.


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    I have put this on my list of bugs to investigate & fix.

    Sadly, there won't be time to get a fix into 1.44. Will probably get this into 1.45 in December.

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    Great to hear!
    Thank you.

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