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Thread: Teensy appears as 2 mice

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    Teensy appears as 2 mice

    Hi All

    I'm working on a Teensy mouse application that uses RawInput on the PC. In a test utility (plus other programs) I'm seeing the Teensy (LC and 3.2) report as 2 different HID mouse devices. One device for the movement and one device for the mouse clicks. This is causing me a problem.

    Is this expected behaviour? I don't see this with my arduino 32u4 device. I believe I'm running standard unchanged Teensy libraries in the Arduino IDE. I much prefer the Teensy libraries.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    Is this expected behaviour?
    Yes, this is correct.

    I don't see this with my arduino 32u4 device.
    Arduino doesn't give you Mouse.moveTo(), do they?!

    Teensy's mouse supports both relative movement and absolute position. Being able to move to an exact absolute position on the screen, regardless of where the pointer is currently located is a pretty useful feature.

    Also worth mentioning this only works on Mac & Windows. The X11 window systems on Linux can't handle absolute & relative position from the same device. It's a rare case where Linux is lame but Windows and Mac work better.

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    Hi Paul

    Thanks for the reply, I did manage to get absolute working on the arduino using a library. I have a pretty niche use so its not usually a problem for most people it appearing as 2 devices. I just wanted to check I wasnt doing something wrong with the Teensy which is always my preferred option.



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