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Thread: Reship from Europe?

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    Reship from Europe?

    I'm a broke a** student. Want to get in to programming teensy boards.

    Due to the trade war with the US, our post now charges 8 eur for every package received from outside Europe. If the package is worth €3, you'll pay about € 0.35, taxes and a postnord administration fee of €8! €0.35 + €8 !

    However this fee does not apply if it is posted from inside EU.

    Students live on noodles to make ends meet. Does anyone know of a good retailer inside EU who sells teensy boards instead of clones?

    Or any other way to reship?

    European reship services will actually declare on the box that they've reshipped this item from outside EU. If you're making corporate tax deductions, this is necessary for their business plan to do this.

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    Maybe buy from one of the distributors in Europe?

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