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Thread: return policy

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    return policy

    I have a teensy 3.2 that was DOA I have ordered several of these boards all are find except for this one. I plug into usb port nothing happens no blinks nothing

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    Since all Teensys undergo thorough quality checks before leaving PJRC, it’s extremely rare to have a death one in between a series of perfectly working ones. Did you try the recovery procedures described on the PJRC website?

    If all fails, I think it’s best to contact them by email for the RMA procedure.

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    Every brand new Teensy should blink when it gets power, even if there's no USB communication.

    As a quick test, can you use a voltmeter to measure if there's power at the VIN pin, and 3.3V pin?

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    I have not tried the recovery procedure will try them. I have tried plugging into computer and no lights at all. I another teensy I plugged in the the same usb with the same usb cable and it works. Will try the recovery this week end and let you know Thanks Dave aka Stress Relief

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    Well this has to something I did to kill it. when I plug into board the voltage at the usb pad is 5 volt when the strip is cut. If I bridge the strip the voltage drops to 1.7 volts. I think I did something wrong when soldering pins. Thanks for your help. Will order new board.

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