No doubt Teensy_ports has moved to better interoperability from the first efforts - between cross platform and trapped inside the IDE and having the JAVA overlord - current solution seems good - though I don't generally use it.

There was some (one time) event that passed as noted around the time of the while(1) - simple attempt to repro didn't so some other element ... and I have a few non PJRC 'moving parts' with TyCommander and VisualTeensy - Win 10 and a couple of USB hubs - and my programming. Thus my starting that post with "Not sure what to do with this ..." With the machine up 10 days at that point I may very well have (ab)used IDE SerMon in that time with those items orphaned days before - at least they were 'idle at 0% usage'.

And a quick note for Thierry's retinal pleasure
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