I'm looking for a way to essentially 'poll' certain Teensy audio objects (FFT, Peak, etc) ~60 times a second to update a strip of LEDs, meaning I'd like a way for these audio objects to be inactive until about the time I need to display a visualization of the incoming signal. The thought here is to reduce the load on the CPU while the program is doing other things during the time in between updates. I considered connecting / disconnecting the components programmatically when I need to poll them, but haven't yet tested this for performance implications.

This question could probably be filed under "Premature Optimizations" for my use case as it stands now, but I've been curious about it for a while and would love to get others' opinions. Freeing up some CPU time in between the visual updates would leave a bit more headroom for other tasks like receiving & sending messages over Serial. Currently testing on Teensy 3.6, but I'm aiming to support all 3.x devices.

There may be some incorrect assumptions about how the Audio objects work in the background, but I'm thankful for any corrections & opinions.