There are two pull requests that i would like to use to obtain complete keyboard pass through using a teensy 3.6.

USBHost_t36 -new function hooks in KeyboardController class
Core - teensy3/usb_keyboard: led hook, added output functions

I have so far tested the pull to USBHost_t36 (download at version teensyduino 1.42) and it works well.

Before I go any further I would like to know.

Are these pull requests linked to to a particular version. For example I am using TeensyDuino 1.4.2. If I install the "core" pull request and it works ok and then I latter upgrade to 1.44 and re-apply the changed files from the pull request, I am assuming it could then break something due to changes made to core after the pull request. (hope that makes sense) ?

Secondly where is the appropriate place to request that these are merged ?

Many thanks and regards.