I have been using a usb to ttl bridge based on the CP2102 chip for a month now, and it suddenly stopped working. It is not recognized at all by Windows anymore and when it is plugged in the Serialí0í is also not detected. Tested on 2 computers, same bahaviour. Iím pretty sure (and I hope) the CP2102 died and itís not a problem with my teensy.

Anyway I have to buy a new one, and I wanted to buy the one that can deliver the best rates performance. I was reaching around 920000 bps max with the cp2102.

I read around the prolific 2303hxd can reach 12mbps, unfortunately I canít find them and all the ones I can find look like fake chips to me.

Does anyone tried many chips already in order to reach the highest transfer speed ? Any choice you recommend ? On the same budget How do you avoid fake chips, any place/seller you recommend in Europe ?