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Thread: FCC Certification

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    FCC Certification

    Hi guys, I'm in the process of preparing a product for a potential small run (if the Kickstarter goes well) and I was wondering if anyone knows what the general practice, cost and guidelines for legally selling a non-transmitting device using a Teensy LC as the brain. My questions are as follows:

    1. From what I understand, anything with a clock running more than 8khz needs to be FCC certified if it's to be sold. Has anyone on this forum successfully certified a product using the Teensy LC?

    2. I'm producing at max 100 units, it's a simple design and has no other clocking outside of the Teensy board. Should I even worry about the FCC at this stage or wait until I do a larger size run (may never happen).

    3. What kind of costs will I be looking at for certification, if it is a must?

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    1. starts at 9kHz.
    - exemptions for unintentional radiators are found in 47 CFR 15.103.
    - certification not necessarily required unless connected to mains.
    - did a subpart B test series for a box using a T3.1/3.2: Class A ok, but Class B did not have much margin.

    2. if the test samples are representative of all available units, testing can be done at any stage of the project.

    3. Call your local TCB. Certification probably not required for this stuff, but you should have the unit marked with the standard subpart B statement per 15.105, and you should have done some 'pre-scans' to verify that will meet at least class A limits.

    There is no market monitoring of unintentional radiators. The only time the FCC cares if someone complains. And the FCC does not care about any 'certifications' when investigating complaints.

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