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Thread: INI File by Steve Marple

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    INI File by Steve Marple

    My objective is to read values from the SD card using INIfile from Steve Marple.
    The 3 values I am needing to read will be (apikey, ipaddress, updatetime). I can build the .ini file, as it is very easy.

    apikey (This will be a String. example: "52Frb5!*")
    ipaddress (example:
    updatetime (example: 10)

    My problem is extracting those values from the SD card and storing them in their appropriate data types as variables.
    I need to use these variables for settings in the app. The idea is that apikey, ipaddress, updatetime can be changed on the SD card in the config.ini file. Re-inserted and it will update the settings on apikey, ipaddress, updatetime for the unit.

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    Closed because of double post. Discussion started here:

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