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Thread: Cubes Project

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    Cubes Project

    Hello !

    I have a cool project and I would like to know if you think it is possible, and which devices I could use with a teensy to make it work. I think a system of chips and chip detector could work ?

    The project

    I want to create a device that detects the presence of little object to play sounds. For exemple, you put a cube with a chip inside on the desk, and then a sound is played, then you add an other cube and a other sound is played.


    I've made a little schema to explain it. Thanks for the help !

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice idea ! Do you think it could be possible for it to be big (80x80 cm) ?

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    I believe in stores where RFID is used as theft protection, it works at that distance. But they have big antennas. I have no experience with RFID. It was just an idea.

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    Ok cool ! I just found id: with wire you can do a big detection surface.

    Thanks again !

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    Reminds me of this:

    I think the surface is translucent with a camera inside at the bottom pointing up. The objects have patterns which can be easily recognized by a CV algo.

    A DIY version might be better tried with a Raspberry pi, I don't know if the teensy is so well suited for a task like that without a high speed camera interface.

    One advantage of optical detection over RFID would be the ability to parameterize object orientation and relative distance between objects. That would make for some pretty cool dynamics.

    I always wanted to try this, but never found the time, good luck!

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    Hello recursinging ! Thanks !

    Yeah I know this cool device ! I think that's also a solution, with Ableton Live, it could be cool !

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