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Thread: wiznet w5500 Receive all Multicast traffic?

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    wiznet w5500 Receive all Multicast traffic?

    Using my Teensy 3.2 platform I am Digging via code here and wiznet forums I am looking for a way to listen to all multicast traffic, even traffic destined to other groups (Multicast IP's) .

    Background. I am testing multicasting for e.131 sACN on T3.2 and currently I am only able to receive one universe due to sACN IP multicast address format. Basically each Universe derives its own multicast group IP. What I would like to do is see all multicast traffic even ones destined to other multicast IP's so I can process what I need and ignore the rest.

    Now I do know some routers or switches with IGMP snooping would foil this scenario. however If there is a method to register multiple multicast IP's (multiple sockets?) on the wiznet that would be another direction to consider.

    Also I see things about MACRAW that might be direction I need to look at?

    Unicast no doubt is one way to take care of this and that I have done. However there are some control systems that will only support sACN in multicast mode only. :-(

    Thanks in advance!

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    MACRAW is probably the ultimate solution, though you'll have to parse the IP & UDP headers.

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    Some consoles send an Universe Discovery Packet, have a look to the sACN specs at

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