I am trying to use a NewHaven 128128ASC3 OLED display with my Teensy 3.6.
I've followed different guides and posts on this forum, but at the moment I am not getting anything but a dark screen.

My first question is which wiring I should follow?
At the moment I am using the one suggested by the library that I am using, that is:

  • MOSI to Pin 11
  • SCLK to Pin 13
  • DC to Pin 15
  • CS to Pin 10
  • RESET to Pin 14

Click image for larger version. 

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And I've tried to clock the Teensy CPU to almost all speeds from 24MHz to 96MHz and using the #define SLOW_SPI (as suggested) before including other headers. with all the examples provided by the library, but with no luck

Do you have any experience with this display? Could you give me some hints?

Thank you.