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Thread: Buttons used for pong

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    Buttons used for pong

    Hi, I have to make a project using the teensy which has to include some button or led (or another component).

    I want it to be very easy, because I'm not great at working with the teensy/arduino. I have no clue of where to put which wire or component on the breadboard. Also, connecting the component to my code is a struggle. You get my struggle with this project...

    My idea was to make pong for this project, since I already created a code for pong in middle school (in Processing). I thought I could attach some buttons to make shift the beam up and down.
    However, I have received tactile switches, but I have no idea if they can be used for this project. Can anyone advice me which buttons to purchase?
    Also, what's the difference between teensy and arduino? Can I follow videos of pong made using arduino, or does this not work for me?

    Thanks in advance!

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    A Teensy LC would be a good low cost device - if you are sending USB to the PC.

    For a look at what is involved I went to SparkFun and this gives a glimpse of what is involved ::

    There may be better starts - but that is what I hit first. There are buttons in the tutorials at - here But it can be used without the external pullup resistor and that is showing an older Teensy - though that wouldn't change anything at first guess.

    Hope that helps get to the next question.

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