For a flexible ruggedized touchpad Iím using Eeonyx fabric in-between a top- and bottom sensor. The top (distance) sensors, made of Ripstop conductive fabric, are connected to the analog pins which are INPUT_PULLUP and read with analogRead (showing around 4030 with 12 bit). The bottom (direction) sensors (same Ripstop) are also connected to analog pins but set to OUTPUT LOW. When touching the sensor a drop in voltage occurs depending on the amount of pressure. Below a threshold the distance is calculated (through comparison of multiple analog values) from the center. The sensors swap, top becomes OUTPUT LOW and bottom INPUT_PULLUP with analogRead, now to calculate direction.

Static electricity is one of the challenges, my hope is that INPUT_PULLUP will prevent a unwanted result. Tests up till now are looking good (waiting for dry frosty weather). Iíve read that itís not common to use analog in combination with INPUT_PULLUP. Although its working great Iím wondering if it can be harmful for the Teensy?

Thanks in advance.