Simple program - when button is pressed, play one short in memory (wav2sketch'd) sound file, then go back to diddling the NeoPixels.

I know the AdaFruit NeoPixel library disables interrupts on show() but I cant use the PJRC library 'cause it doesnt support RGBW strips. My audio playOneSound() should be a blocking call that will play the sound to completion and then go back to diddling leds

extern const unsigned int AudioSampleBell[16417];

AudioPlayMemory playMemSound;
AudioOutputAnalog dac; // output thru DAC pin 14
AudioConnection audioPatch(playMemSound, 0, dac, 0);

void playOneSound()
while (playMemSound.isPlaying())
However, it doesnt seem to work consistently. Sometimes it does, other times not.

Do I need to put a mixer in there? with only one source and one sink, i dont see reason for one.

I'm digging thru code but thought I'd drop this here for the community input.