Hey guys,

I'm doing a project where I'm building a drumcomputer. I think I'm best off using a Teensy board instead of Arduino because Arduino seems quite limited with audio.
In order to trigger multiple samples at the same time I want to use the Audio Adapter Board.

I'll probably figure out how to trigger samples just fine, what I want to know if it's possible to switch out audio samples while the program is running.

For example, I'll make a simple sequencer that triggers 8 samples. I want to hook up a potmeter with (say) 5 positions, if it's on position one want the 8 samples to be one set of wav files and if it's on position 2 I want to use a different set of samples.

This is the main problem I'm running into with audio solutions for arduino.

Can anyone tell me if this kind of interfacing with the Audio Adapter board is possible?

Thanks in advance