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Thread: Portable 64x64 LED SmartMatrix GIF Player

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    Portable 64x64 LED SmartMatrix GIF Player


    I am trying to create a 64x64 portable LED Matrix that runs the SmartMatrix Animated GIF Player. I've done some research but need some guidance. I am a complete newbie when it comes to electronics. Right now I am looking at using the Teensy 3.6 with the SmartMatrix SmartLED Shield v4. What 64x64 LED matrix is compatible with this setup? Adafruit only sells one 64x64 display but the pitch is too small. I want a larger display. I found this on Sparkfun but I am not sure it is compatible with the Teensy. The description says it is not compatible with Arduino because it requires an extra pin for multiplexing. If this is not compatible what are my other options?

    Regarding power...what is the best way to power this project with portable power. I have a large Anker battery, for example, that provides 3A per port. Is this sufficient to supply a Teensy and a 64x64 LED matrix for a few hours?

    Thank you for any advice.

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    Well, to start... 4000 rgb led's aren't going to run on a anker battery. Each led (at least for 5050 smd's and wsXXXX) draw 0.24watt/led at max. even at half that you're looking at a 100amp@5v. To bring it more down to real world you can probably power ~120 led's (10x10) for a couple hours (depending on battery capacity) if you truly have 2x3amp outputs (which battery packs rarely have).

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    Saw this a bit late, but it might be possible to run the panel with a USB battery pack, depending on what's displayed. These panels are not as power hungry as 5050 addressable LEDs.

    Here's some advice from other SmartMatrix projects:

    The SparkFun 64x64 panel is the same as the Adafruit panel as far as I know.

    You can combine two 64x32 panels with larger pitch, or four 32x32 panels and drive them with the Teensy 3.6 and SmartLED Shield. With separate panels, you can keep the grounds together, and supply power to the panels with up to 4 different battery packs to spread the load out.

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