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Thread: Headphone Jack question

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    Headphone Jack question

    Hi there!
    I am building a DJ controller at the moment, that is going to be connected to Traktor. Obviously I need a headphone jack, that will direct the signal onto the headphones, when the CUE(headphone button) is on. When the button is off, the audio output will run onto the speakers. How can I do this? I read somewhere, about the Audio Shield, but not sure if it is suitable.(its just damn headphones). Sorry for the possible newbie-ism.

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    If you are using a breadboard or panel mount 3.5mm headphone jack, such as:

    These jacks often contain a mechanical switch so that if you physically add a headphone cable, it will only route the left/right output from the headphone cable. If the headphone cable is not connected, then the left/right input are sent to the left/right output (both sides share a common ground).

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