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Thread: arduino delay vs teency 3.2

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    arduino delay vs teency 3.2

    what do i change for this to work with the teency 3.2?

    unsigned long time_now = 0;

    time_now = millis();
    while(millis() > time_now+100)

    delay (1);


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    Nothing needs to be changed except that it doesn't look right even for an Arduino.
    The while loop won't loop. The first time in the while, time_now will be equal to millis() which means that millis() can't be greater than time_now+100, so the loop isn't entered.
    Also it's best to use a subtraction when dealing with arithmetic with unsigned long so that you avoid a potential problem when millis() rolls over from 0xFFFFFFFF to 0.

    while(millis() - time_now < 100)
    will loop for 100 milliseconds.


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    Teensy has a feature called elapsedMillis, which is meant to make this sort of code simpler.

    Of course you can use the Arduino millis() function, but as el_supremo correctly pointed out, it's very common to make mistakes.

    By using elapsedMillis, things are simpler.

    elapsedMillis mytimer = 0;
    while (mytimer < 100) {
    Internally, elapsedMillis does the same thing using millis(). It automatically does this correctly and deals with the millis() roll-over internally, so you can just create as many variables in your code as you like and deal with them in a much simpler way that isn't error prone.

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