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Thread: MCUExpresso with Debugger Configuration?

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    MCUExpresso with Debugger Configuration?

    Has anyone set up the Teensy Core libraries in MCUXpresso or other eclipse environment? I modified the Teensy 3.5 hardware for debugging and can successfully load the default 'hello world' program to the teensy, cannot figure out how to configure the eclipse environment to allow me to use the arduino libraries.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I don't know the MCUExpresso environment but i can give you the basic steps for the GNU MCU C/C++ plugin and its probably more or less the same. First copy the entire Teensy source to a sub folder in you eclipse project and press F5 for refresh.

    cp -R /usr/share/arduino/hardware/teensy/avr/cores/teensy3/* /your-eclipse-project/teesy3

    Then right click in Eclipse on the directory and select properties and "C/C++ Build" and uncheck "Exclude resource from build" if it is checked. Afterwards you only have to add the directory to your compiler include path and set the correct compiler options, cpu, etc... in Project / properties / C/C++ Build / Settings. See the makefile in the teensy3 directory to get the correct options.

    Good luck..

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    A coworker of my was able to get it up and running by following the steps on this blog post

    Getting all the configuration settings and linker set up correctly is a nightmare. If you are struggling setting it up I strongly recommend following these steps.

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    There is a ready to use plugin for Eclipse. It picks all needed board and compile information from a parallel existing Arduino/Teensyduino installation. Thus, you can do everything in Eclipse which will automatically follow when you update the Arduino/Teensyduino installation:

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