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Thread: Help with delayMicroseconds() and UART init, inside an IRQ_UART0_STATUS function

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    DMX kinda sorta already has started to move to Ethernet, as E1.31 or Artnet protocol.

    The 100 meter length and galvanic isolation of Ethernet transforms makes a lot of sense for lighting, especially compared to the relatively short distance of USB.

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    @Paul: Thank you for taking the time to update an old man! I know that you are busy with the T4 and I'll try to not to steal you more time with my ignorance.

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    I was wondering why 8 was better than a mere 5 or 6 UARTS on T_4. Other means can selectively go farther and/or faster and/or with CRC

    There was ... some year ago ? ... some wondering about UART lag - though seems that was when active and new data to empty FIFO data went out on the next interrupt IIRC. Also seems some there was noted at that time a change elsewhere (outside PJRC) in AVR or other - a UART code change - but that doesn't remind me enough to find those (probably not relevant) posts.

    Quote Originally Posted by Theremingenieur View Post
    @Paul: Thank you for taking the time to update an old man! ...
    Easy there with throwing insults Thierry - AFAIK we are about the same age - assuming you were about 20 while in service ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theremingenieur View Post
    @Paul: Thank you for taking the time to update an old man!
    as long you are not proving your claim, being an old man, with a picture showing grey hairs, you are still young forever.

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    I think I found the issue. I'm taking this quote from Teensy 3.6's processor manual:

    Setting C2[TE] automatically loads the transmit shift register with the following
    Basically, I was toggling the transmit-enable state. This explains this whole scenario. When enabling the transmitter on a UART, one character of preamble is shifted out.

    I was keeping the transmitter off thinking that would be good practice if I'm not transmitting very often. I've decided to just keep it on.

    [Update] I think that whenever the chip shifts something of its own into the shift register, be it a preamble or extra bit after transmitting a break via SBK, the timing is unknown and happens "concurrently" with other instructions.

    [Update 2] Now, when I need to time something or delay after a transmitter-enable or using SBK (or anything else that affects the TX shift register), I simply add one character time to my timing parameter. The results are closer to what they should be, often a few bits longer than necessary, but that's what it is, I guess.
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