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Thread: Audio from wav file on SD card experiencing high distortion

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    Audio from wav file on SD card experiencing high distortion

    We have our teensy and audio shield wired together on a breadboard and are outputting sound to a speaker. The code we are using is from the audio library examples called Part_1_03_Playing_Music. The problem we are facing is that there is extreme distortion in our output after a few seconds of playing. We think it could be an issue with the power it is getting (We're supplying from a wall outlet and have also tried a power supply). Attached are images of our circuit and video showing an example of whats happening to the sound. Any input or tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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    Use the SDCard on the Teensy only, and way shorter, more reliable connections. These Boards are not good for I2S.
    Best is to connect the Audioshield directly to the Teensy. Without wires!

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