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Thread: Rather Large LED Matrix!

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    Rather Large LED Matrix!

    Hi All,
    I have been involved with small scale architectural installations using addressable LED strips for a few months and have successfully used the Arduino platform to give what customers have asked for.
    I have only fairly recently been looking at the Teensy to handle larger numbers of leds for larger installations as our reputation is growing.
    We have just been approached to see if we want to get involved in an altogether much larger installation. I am not sure of the history of the project or if somebody has dropped out or what, but we have been asked to provide a moving image of some type (flames, clouds or patterns) on the ceiling of a long corridor. The installation is using the Enttec Tile which is a 12x12 matrix of 5 Volt addressable leds.
    I have been looking at the OctoWS2811 library and the associated documentation and was very impressed at the way a video could be played onto an led matrix. I understood the concept and was getting quite excited about it all until I saw that the 'LED Height' parameter in the Octo library has to be a multiple of 8. Which means the tile can't be used as it's a 12x12 matrix, or that's my understanding of it. Plus, at the moment I am still waiting to hear what led chipset is used on the tiles.
    The installation comprises 200 rows by 10 columns wide of these tiles, making a grand total of 288,000 leds and 400 Teensys. (I did say it was large!)
    I have been doing some back of the fag packet calculations and am getting a bit overawed to say the least. The total current draw for all leds on full white is 17,280 Amps...
    I would be very interested to hear what other people, who know an awful lot more than me, have to say about the feasibility of this particular project and how they would go about it.
    Even if this project is way over the top and way above my head, what I have learned in the last couple of days has opened up my mind to the power of the Teensy and the Octo library.
    Thanks in advance for any comments.

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    Ok, so I've had a bit more time to look into this and I think it is possible.
    The manufacturers have confirmed they are WS2812B leds in the tile.
    By linking two tiles 'vertically' the 'mini-array' becomes 12 x 24, so LED Height is now a multiple of 8. Then run five adjacent pairs of tiles from five outputs from one Teensy 3.2 (max of 4000 leds) and the other five pairs of tiles from another Teensy to complete the first row. So you now have to repeat for another 100 rows of paired tiles!!
    It's still going to be a massive job but in theory it's possible.
    Has anyone had experience of very large arrays or has anyone got any comments?

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