Hi all,

im trying build an 8 voice (advanced) drum maschine with an teensy 3.5.

i started using the simple drum example sketch, within the audio library. after weeks of random sequencer stops, witch i always thought where inbetween my coding lines. but as i figured out now. i think the problem was, that the sequencer in the examle sketch runns with this line

77 if(millis() == next)

after adding more complex synth voices, i think the milling timing will after a few runs not be exact (equal ==) of the "next" value. (Thats my explanation)

anyway. With changing this to

if(millis() >= next)

the random sequencer stops are gone. hopefully. XD

i think the accurancy is still close enough for a drum maschine... May that helps others to eliminate this "bug". and maybe it is resonable to change this in the example.

Thx for all the audio stuff you provide here, btw. Hope i now can really dive in the sound design.