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Thread: Choose the right Open Source License

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    Choose the right Open Source License

    Hello everyone!
    I need help to select the right license for my project.

    We have a public Gitlab account
    We want to share schematics, BOM, silkscreen plan
    We want to share firmware source
    We want to create a community around the project so the contributor has to make their code public

    We don't want to share PCB cad file

    The project is based on Teensy 3.6

    Can someone help us?
    Thank you

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    Caveat -> NOT a lawyer.

    The meaning of OS/OH has been litigated and legislated differently throughout the world. The EU courts treats OS licenses differently than the U.S. and Canada.

    Unless your work is a derivative of another OS project having specific requirements per the license, then what you choose to, and not to publish is per the organization's officers. In the U.S., there is no known requirement for you to release all parts of a project under the same license.

    If there will be an exchange of funds for goods, you need to talk to legal counsel and not listen to evil old people such as myself.

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