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Thread: [posted] Polaron DIY drum machine

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    [posted] Polaron DIY drum machine

    Hi all,

    To round off the recent wave of teensy based DIY drum machines, here's my take on the subject, the polaron (one can never have too many drum machines). The project is driven by my curiosity to understand and experiment with interaction patterns on digital musical instruments and how to achieve playful workflows that foster experimentation with sound and yield surprising results.

    The polaron is a circular 16 step, 6 track digital drum machine and it combines features from other drum machines that i know and love (e.g. parameter locks / ctrl-all style editing of the elektron machinedrum) with some unique new features that i found useful while developing the polaron (e.g you can switch patterns for each instrument track individually).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    The project is an ongoing effort and fully open source, see:

    Thanks Paul and everyone involved in making the teensy so awesome for audio projects. Working with the audio-library really was a breeze and almost feels like patching a modular synth.
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