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Thread: A usb controller adapter for the Nintendo switch

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    A usb controller adapter for the Nintendo switch


    I want to try to create an usb adapter for the Nintendo switch so I can use a Xbox one controller on it.
    Such adapters do already exist but I'd like to program one myself.

    I will be using (parts of) the following project to properly connect to the Nintendo switch.
    However, I do not know how I can make it so that I can plug my controller into the teensy which then plugs into the switch.

    What I guess that I will need is:
    • Teensy 2.0 (with pins) - will connect to the switch through its usb cable
    • USB Type A Female Breakout - so I can use a usb controller (such as the xbox one s controller)
    • Male PTH headers - to connect the usb female to the breadboard
    • Breadboard
    • Some cables to connect everything on the breadboard.

    Is that right or is there a better way to do this?

    I am new pretty new to micro controllers but I have a good background in software.

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    It would be nice if it could be programmed in Teensyduino using the `Joystick` object.

    I think you want to look at the `Descriptors.c` and `Descriptors.h` from the Fightstick repo, and look at the Teensyduino cores files from `hardware/teensy/avr/cores/usb_hid` (in macOS this is stored in ``).

    More is needed than just `#define`-ing PRODUCT_ID, VENDOR_ID, STR_MANUFACTURER, and STR_PRODUCT.

    You'll probably need to read up on USB HID descriptors (, (, (

    If this is done, something like could adapt a Wii Classic Controller to be adapted for the Switch.

    It may be worth while to look at some of the [forks of that repo]( for possibly better documentation or readability...

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    I started trying to create a new device USB mode for Teensyduino: but I never finished it. It successfully creates a USB controller, but it isn't recognized by the Nintendo Switch.

    If there is someone who

    1. Has a nintendo switch
    2. Is comfortable with teensyduino development

    You're more than welcome to finish my code: I would really love to create Nintendo Switch controllers in arduino rather than the lower-level C code seen above.

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