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    A poll:
    If a user had an alternative audio library, compatible to the original one, which uses instead of <Wire> I2C_t3.h by "nox", SDfat by Bill Greimann (long filenames, and SDIO on T35/36), and possibly a different sample rate (44100) - would anyone need/use it?
    The PWM output might be a problem, and might be omitted.
    He would try to keep them the same as the original (because it's great!) except for the differences mentioned - also for future patches and extensions.
    So, would there be a need?

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    Every time I look at SdFat, I really wish Bill would follow the simple API conventions of Arduino rather than using so much special C++ syntax. Inside the library is fine... but in the public API and all the end user examples, it just make the whole thing so much less accessible.

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    I would really like to have access to long file names and 44100 sample rates are what I use for all my Audio recording projects so that would be a nice capability as a standard feature. I have not played with the Teensy audio stuff in a while due in part to the confusion over how to get long file names to work.

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    I'm planning to use usb-audio as an alternative to analog out and read that the non-exact 44100 sample rate of the teensy can cause problems. If that really is the case, then i would be interested and use the alternative audio library. But its more of a nice-to-have than a must-have for me at the moment.

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