Hello everyone!

I´m dreaming about a Galvano-Laser to engrave wooden surfaces. Minimal moving masses allow high speed movements compared to 3 axis portal constructions.

The idea is to start with a cheap disco-light galvanometer unit like this one. It shouldn´t be hard to have a Teensy receiving G-code data and translate that into 2 controlling voltages for the galvanometers.

Beside this it needs in my mind just a beefy laser source and a focuslens. Depending on the laser power maybe differnt mirrors on the galvanometers.

I´m happy about any hint which laser source gives the best power/money ratio and is suited well to engrave wood. 40W CO2 laser tubes seem affordable. 10-20W laser diodes are in a similar price range. Fibre lasers appear to be really expensive.

Ideas about wavelength, power and way of light generation are appreciated.

My dream is inspired by this video. I guess the laser power is in the kW range (?). I really like the simplicity of such a system.

Thank you in advance, Stefan.