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Thread: Bootloader not recognised in virtual Ubuntu

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    Bootloader not recognised in virtual Ubuntu

    I've set up a dev system on Ubuntu (18.04) on a virtual machine hosted by Virtualbox 5.2.8 on a Windows 10 laptop.
    I downloaded the Teensy loader app from and followed the instructions to install it on the virtual machine... the program launches OK but I can't persuade it to recognise a Teensy3.2 which is connected via USB. Works OK under windows with the same hardware (i.e. the [windows] loader recognises when the program button is pressed on the 3.2) , so I've at least ruled out the USB lead and port hardware.
    I set a USB filter for "Van Ooijen Technische Informatica Teensy Halfkay Bootloader [0103]" and checked the vendor id = 16c0 and product id = 0478, which matches the data in the 'rules' file (49-teensy.rules) which I created in /etc/udev/rules.d (by following the instructions mentioned earlier) and there's also a filter set on Teensyduino Raw HID [0100] with the same vendor and product ids.
    The (virtual) USB controller is enabled for v3.0.
    I tried with it connected before starting up the VM, and also plugging it in after the VM has started up. When unplugging, inserting,or pressing the program button on the 3.2 I get audible alerts from Windows, implying that W10 has 'captured' the device rather than the interface being routed through to the VM. Nothing else is running on the host apart from a file explorer window.
    Can anyone suggest the way ahead for diagnosis please?

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    This may fall more into a virutualbox support forum question. I think you nailed the diagnosis when windows 10 detects the device rather than the vm. I have used other VM's like parralles on mac without issue but when I plug it in the System prompts me to specify if the Host or guest OS should take ownership of the connection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jnhunter View Post
    Can anyone suggest the way ahead
    Maybe ask on Virtualbox forum?

    This is absolutely a Virtualbox problem / question. Teensy is working exactly as it should.

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